Welcome to the Surrey Cancer Research Institute

We are a virtual cancer research centre based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust and St Luke’s Cancer Centre in Guildford.

A strong research base is essential for improvements in patient care. We have high-quality multidisciplinary cancer research ongoing in our network, but little opportunity for researchers to interact, collaborate or just be aware of local innovation and the breadth of our achievements.


The Surrey Cancer Research Institute aims to be the ‘umbrella’ encompassing all types of cancer research in our network, and a mechanism of communication to facilitate interactions and collaborations. In this way we can share resources and work together on ways to secure research funding.
We have live feeds highlighting the ongoing advances in oncology worldwide.

From September, we will resume our monthly multidisciplinary seminar series, which will be delivered as webinars, and recorded for later viewing.

A successful Surrey Cancer Research Institute will benefit all of us and result in a high national and international profile for our cancer centre and cancer network. Ultimately Surrey Cancer Research Institute will benefit our patients.

Hardev Pandha
Director, Surrey Cancer Research Institute, Prof of Medical Oncology University of Surrey. Consultant in Medical Oncology, St Lukes Cancer Centre, Guildford.

About Us

The Surrey Cancer Research Institute is a Clinical Academic Group (CAG) within Surrey Health Partners (SHP) working in partnership with Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS FT, St Luke's Cancer Centre, the St Luke’s Cancer Alliance, University of Surrey, Ashford and St Peter’s NHS FT and other organisations to deliver world class research into cancer treatment and service delivery.

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